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Hi there ..
In order to run a good and alive community, there must be a good staff and continuous one as well.
SO.. I ended up with the idea of MAKING A GRAPHICS MAKERS TEAM .. and I hope with your help .. WE WILL MAKE IT COME TRUE..
I HOPE you apply for the team
.. for the sake of elfgraphics..
Now .. in order to make this graphics team .. the good stuff will picked by me mihaa_elffor now.
And once we have established a good set of staff, we’ll see whether or not to bring in new staff members or not.

Below , under the cuts are the applications for different jobs on the community.
ONE Moderators position .. and UNLIMITED positions Graphics Makers.

●Moderators :
→ overseeing the organization of the community.
→ Edit tags so that everything is clean and organized.
→ Help enforce the rules of the community.
→ Help to improve the community and make it bigger , with new ideas ,ect..
→ Keep the community active as much as possible.

●Graphics Makers :
→ Make graphics. “ They are the only ones who have posting access, aside from the moderators.”
*Graphics include icons, headers , mood themes, banners, color bars ,animations ,….ect.*


NOW TO BE FRANK... I’m letting you to know the rules form the very beginning .. so no misunderstandings will happen ^,^

NO EXTERNAL LINKS → that means when you post your graphics you need to post the hole batch in the community .. no outing links.. I don’t mind posting them anywhere else as long as you post it in this community ..

WE MAKE ASIAN GRAPHICS → so the only Asian (Korean, Japanese, Chinese ,Taiwanese,..) FANDOM (singers, bands, drama, TV show, even fashion) graphics’ posts are allowed... No others
TRY TO POST SOME GRAPHICS EVERY ONCE IN A WHILE→ it’s not necessary to post every graphics you make here.. Try to post as more as you can..
REQUESTS POSTS ARE NOT ALLOWED → until any of the MODS post one … then you can apply for doing requests.

That’s it for now.. Sorry for so much rules . but !!.^_^;.


Moderator Application:

+ Username:
+ Have you moderated any communities before?:
+ Which One (s) ?:
+ How often are you online/on livejournal?:
+ Current E-mail:
+ MSN (optional):


Graphics Maker Application:

+ Username:
+ Have you made graphics before?:
+ Examples please:
+ Do you have a separate graphics journal?:
+ How often are you online/on livejournal?:
+ Current E-mail:
+ MSN (optional):
+ Link to resource post:
+ What kind of graphics you usually make (all/only icons..ect.);

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